Special Newsletters

14 Feb    Fertility Hormones
  Roche to Abbott platform change and the shift in absolute hormone levels.
07 Feb    Roche Cobas - Abbott Alinity change
  Roche Cobas to Abbott Alinity change and the difference to analyte reporting.


16 Dec    Doctors' Newsletter Issue 3 - 2019
  Welcome Pathologists, Pharmacogenomics, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, GP Management of Measles.
12 Sep    Doctors' Newsletter Issue 2 - 2019
  Cervical Screening Test self-collect requirements, Lactase Persistence gene testing, PCR testing in genitourinary infections, GPs and the NBCSP
12 Apr    Doctors' Newsletter Issue 1 - 2019
  Welcome Dr Roslyn Malley, Answers to FAQ about CST, ANA and ENA testing, Respiratory virus PCR testing - an update


09 Jan    Doctors' Newsletter Issue 4 - 2018
  Client Services farewell, Helicobacter testing, National Bowel Cancer Screening Program, Toolkit for maternity blood management, 2018 New York Marathon for Freedom from Cancer Campaign.
28 Sep    Doctors' Newsletter Issue 3 - 2018
  Specimen Collection from Specific Sites, Latent TB infection and cessation of the Mantoux test, Provision of Dexamethasone for testing, Know Pathology Know Healthcare, Anti-Mullerian Hormone, Reproductive Carrier Screening.
27 Jul    Doctors' Newsletter Issue 2 - 2018
  DSPL Scholarship, Red Book update, Gestational age-specific Thyroid Function Test Reference Ranges, Emailing Results, Respiratory Virus PCR testing
22 Mar    Doctors' Newsletter Issue 1 - 2018
  Contents: Enhanced Liver Fibrosis Score, Blood Bank labelling requirements, Insights into Cervical Screening Testing


02 Jan    Doctor's Newsletter Issue 3 - 2017
  Farewell Peter Burton, self collected HPV test and commonly requested serology panels.
15 Nov    Cervical Screening Program Changes
  Changes to the National Cervical Screening Program from December 1, 2017
17 Oct    Doctor's Newsletter Issue 2 - 2017
  Cervical Screen update, Welcome to Prof. Frank Bowling, Influenza update
19 Jul    Doctors' Newsletter Issue 1 - 2017
  Doctors' Newsletter Issue 1 - 2017 Editorial by Dr Shaun Donovan, introducing new staff members and some helpful reminds